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Ziggy Green | Can You Be the Shak to my Shuka?

Updated: May 19, 2020


So a few months ago, I won two tickets to a bottomless brunch at Ziggy Green from a giveaway that a fellow UK foodie ran - @thefrugalepicurean on Instagram. There was a time when I was constantly winning things. Did you know that my full name translated into English is fortune?


Getting to this place was a bit of a mission. Not because it was particularly difficult to locate. The bus my sister and I got on ended up going on diversion. I am being a bit dramatic, but if I am delayed by any more than two minutes, steam starts to come out of my ears.

My sister and I were immediately seated. The chairs were comfy and the atmosphere was bright and vibrant. I loved the Grace Jones artwork that was behind me. I was basically dining with not one, but two people who are just as fabulous as I am.

When I go to bottomless brunches, I notice that many establishments have it that a waiter or waitress will fill your glass up with alcohol themselves every time, as opposed to leaving the bottle on the table for the guests to serve themselves. As you can probably guess, I hate the former. Time is wasted. The Prosecco, which took me to places very quickly as I hadn't eaten breakfast, was left in a bottle on the table without hesitation. When the second bottle was required, it didn't take long for it to arrive.

I found it really funny that before we left, one of the people working there took my vouchers and marked them as 'VOID' in huge red writing. I thought that was very extra. I wanted to keep them as temporary souvenirs but they are now too ugly to do anything with.

My sister and I were entitled to one sweet dish and one savoury dish each.

Green Shakshuka

I was beyond impressed with this beautiful dish.

Green Shakshuka

The dish contained the following: 'spicy tofu, cavolo nero, garden peas, courgettes, sweet potato, cashew cream, spring onions, chilli and fresh herbs'. There was a lemon wedge on the side, but I saw little use for this. The peas could have been omitted. Though inoffensive, they also were a bit jarring to eat. The tofu was firm and juicy! The flavours of the shakshuka were fantastic. There was a silkiness to the sauce added by the cashew cream which topped the dish. It wasn't completely smooth; the texture was akin to houmous. The sweet potato, which was perfectly cooked went so well with everything. After having a few run-ins with spring onions recently, I think it is safe to say that...I am not a fan. I ate a couple, and left the rest.

This was a meal that I would recommend to people who enjoy strong flavours and nutritious food. Were it not for all of the alcohol, I would have left the venue feeling very accomplished.

Sourdough French Toast

This dish contained the following: 'pickled forced Yorkshire rhubarb, pistachio, pomegranate, honeycomb, maple cream and rose water syrup'.

Sourdough French Toast

The portion size was very small which was a shame because the flavours were superb. The pickled rhubarb was sharp and tangy. The pomegranate seeds and rose water syrup offered a good balance to the dish. The maple cream also worked to cut through the meeting of the tanginess and sweetness, as did the sprinkle of pistachio nuts. Very Middle Eastern inspired. The whole dish. I think it was all very well constructed and unique flavour wise. A very traditional dish made very interesting. I think the rhubarb added something that I would have wanted if it was missing, but wouldn't have known that it would be the addition to make all the difference.

I would recommend this restaurant but I would not feel comfortable paying full price for everything. The service was good for the most part.

Find out more about Ziggy Green here: https://www.daisygreenfood.com/venues/ziggy-green