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Yum Chop Foods | Bundles of Joy?

Hey, you! Welcome or welcome back. Here, you'll be able to get the low down on some of the meals I tried from Yum Chop Foods.

Yum Chop Foods is run by a wonderful Nigerian couple, Abi and Michael, who create easy-to-prepare meals that are flash frozen to retain the delicious freshness that you'll enjoy when you try the meals for yourself. Their meal range is broad; they offer many options, from Italian inspired dishes, to the wildly popular Jamaican Jerk Chicken. Also, my beloved puff-puff made the cut too. We are truly, spoilt for choice here.

Yum Chop Foods kindly gifted me with the following meals:

  • Honey Beans and Plantain

  • Vegan Neapolitan Pasta

  • Jollof Rice with Diced/Pulled Jerk Chicken

  • Fried Rice with Diced Jerk Chicken

  • Jerk Chicken Wings

  • Spaghetti with Turkey Bolognese

Really hate to be the one to say it myself, but 'I don't eat meat', so some of the reviews here are from family members.

Honey Beans and Plantain

The aroma, once the pot was fully warmed up, was lovely. The meal smelt (and tasted) very 'smoky'. The honey beans were sweet, creamy, and flavoursome albeit a bit salty. I was a big fan of the texture, though. The beans almost melted in my mouth. The sweet, ripe and gooey plantain that was perfect in texture also, tasted very fresh, and when eaten at the same time as the beans, the saltiness was slightly subdued. The plantain was not so ripe that it became an oily sponge.

The ratio of beans to plantain was good. The plantains were almost bite size, so they were very easy to eat, and for children, could also be fun to eat. As the meal was quite sweet, for a bit of balance, adding something like a small slice of bread would have been a real treat, in my opinion. I wouldn't expect this to come with the meal - it would just be a 'nice to have'. Also, I would have preferred for the beans to have been a bit more spicy and perhaps that would have helped to cut through some of the sweetness that was present in both the beans and the plantain. The dish wasn’t linear flavour wise, but the sweetness was the main thing that I noticed about it.

In summary, seasoning wise, the meal lacked nothing. The flavours were great and the meal looked very appetising also. However, the salt content was too high for me. Just a few sprinkles less and I would have been completely sold. Solid meal aside from that.

Vegan Neapolitan Pasta

I love a bit of pasta, me.

This meal was very tasty. Relatively al dente pasta in a silky, not-too-greasy, light tomato based sauce that was subtly sweet with a modest kick. Mushrooms too, so extra points there. I really like onions and have a high tolerance for them in a variety of forms. There were noticeably large slices of onion in the meal which I really liked. They weren't meal disrupters by any means; I found them to be very pleasant in taste and texture. The pasta was slightly glazed and shiny but did not look or taste oily. It tasted really fresh, also, despite just coming out of the microwave.

This for me, was the better meal of the two vegan meals I was gifted. Both were tasty but this one had such an undeniably great balance of flavours and I don't have any criticisms of it. Very delicious!

Jollof Rice with Diced/Pulled Jerk Chicken

Words from a family member: "The chicken was tasty and tender! The rice was smoky which was nice but it wasn't fully to my taste. I would have liked for there to be more chicken."

Fried Rice with Diced Jerk Chicken (not pictured)

Words from a family member: "The rice was nice and had a good texture. I would have liked for it to be more spicy. I really enjoyed the chicken and it tasted like real jerk chicken."

Spaghetti with Turkey Bolognese

Words from a family member: "It was a tasty meal!"

Jerk Chicken Wings

Words from two family members: "The chicken wings were tasty and they definitely tasted like authentic jerk chicken!"


The chicken was definitely the standout dish for my family members. All three of them loved it. For me, the standout dish was the pasta.

The packaging of each individual meal is very secure and robust, so for the accident prone, don't worry - you shouldn't meet a situation where you're feeding the floor. Portion sizes; such a controversial and emotive topic. I must say, I was more than satisfied with the portion sizes of the vegan meals. Those tubs contained a lot more food than expected.

Once the meals are warmed up, quite a bit of moisture is produced, so as well as minding how you handle taking the tub out of the microwave, be careful when removing the meal with the paper if that is what you choose to do. It does come in handy as everything can just come out in one go without you need to scrape the tub with a fork, but be careful.

My favourite thing about this brand, has to be that they do not use preservatives. Forget the arguments for them, we are not here for that. It was nice to look at the back of a tub of food and not see a string of nonsense that vaguely resembles HTML. We understand 'celery'.

If you'd like to support this company AND me, please use one of these unique codes that will give you 20% off your first subscription order (off of their special bundles - order by the 30th of June):

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Please see here for subscription package details: https://www.yumchop.co.uk/subscription/.

I love the company's mission and story behind the brand. The food is definitely worth trying and you won't have to leave your house to get your hands on it. Take these tubs of joy to your workplaces. Gift a busy friend who loves trying new foods with some. Take some sort of action and support this wonderful, growing business.

Curious? I would be too. Order ASAP! https://www.yumchop.co.uk