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The Grand Eat | Cauli-t What You Like

Post number 50! Can you believe it?

I have really enjoyed sharing my experiences with you all. I have always loved to write, but I didn't know that writing about food, one of the things I have such love for, would bring me so much joy. In fact, it brings me so much joy that I feel an intense need to protect that.

May 2nd will mark a year since launching my Instagram page, which used to be '@Sio.Eats' as you will remember. I have decided to take a break from creating videos and writing blogs on this platform until July 2nd so I can refocus and also dedicate more time to other things I love to do. So this will be my last blog post for a while!

I have decided to share with you all a recipe that I literally made up the other day, because it was so highly requested by my IG supporters. As I said on Instagram, I am more of an intuitive cook than a 'to-the-book' cook, and so this recipe is more of a measurement-less guide.

Popcorn Cauliflower 'The Grand Eat's' Way

@The.Grand.Eat on Instagram | Popcorn Cauliflower

You will need:

For The Batter

  • Fried chicken flour mix (pre-made - not essential)

  • Salt

  • Dried parsley (not essential)

  • Paprika (not essential)

  • White spelt flour (any type of white flour will do)

  • Sunflower oil (use an oil of your choice)

  • 2 eggs (possibly not essential)

  • Cashew milk (you can also use dairy milk)

Other Ingredients Required

  • Large head of cauliflower (cauliflower leaves are edible)


  1. Remove the stalk and all leaves from the cauliflower head, then break up the cauliflower into pieces. Put in a bowl.

  2. Crack two eggs into a bowl, then add your milk to that same bowl. Whisk until you can see no separation between the egg and the milk.

  3. If you are using a pre-made fried chicken flour mix, the ratio of this to normal flour should be around 1:1. Add the mix and your flour to a bowl. Feel free to taste this mix to ensure it isn't too salty. It is better for the mix to be less salty than more salty, as you can always add more seasoning to the cauliflower once it is cooked.

  4. If you are not using a pre-made fried chicken mix, put some flour in a bowl and add some salt to it. Taste it if you like.

  5. Add your parsley and paprika to the flour mix if you want to.

  6. Heat some oil in a large pan on a heat level slightly higher than medium. This can always be adjusted.

  7. Get a small handful of cauliflower pieces, dip it into the bowl with the mixed egg and milk and swish it around a bit so it is all covered.

  8. Roll the now wet handful of cauliflower around in the flour mix until the cauliflower pieces are covered.

  9. Dip those same cauliflower pieces in the egg and milk mix again. Then repeat step number seven.

  10. Test the heat if you need to by adding a small battered piece of cauliflower to the oil and seeing how quickly it cooks. It takes a couple to a few minutes for the cauliflower pieces to be completely cooked.

  11. Add your battered cauliflower to the oil. Turn every now and again.

  12. Place the cooked cauliflower in a bowl or plate lined with kitchen roll to soak up the excess oil. Repeat steps 7-9.

Note: If you find that there is a build up of batter in the pan, lift up the pan slightly, and then scrape the batter away from the pan with a metal spoon. Discard. If it bothers you.

Let me know how you found cooking this simple dish if you end up cooking it!

Speak in two months' time!


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