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Sweet Chick | That Southern Hospitality You've Been Looking For

Welcome. This is the review that you've been waiting for! I know it!

Note: I will be reviewing this restaurant twice because I didn't get to try what I wanted this time around and I know the next time I go, I will leave full.

So, let's start with a description of the service. Richard, and yes his name is in bold because he was amazing, was one of the highlights of my Sweet Chick trip. What I loved about Richard's service was that he never once crossed the boundary into the realm of suffocation. Do you know how refreshing it is to not have someone ask how the food is every two minutes? Richard was extremely helpful throughout and he was quick to make sure any questions we had (and we had many) were answered. There were a couple of sweet touches he added that I will cover throughout this review.

Biscuits and Gravy

Initially, I selected the biscuits with mushroom gravy. However, when it came to me it looked very much like I had been given something else as there was meat all over the plate. Richard kindly offered to provide me with another main to replace this. I just thought the food was too pretty not to share. I only had a bite of the biscuit and I skimmed the liquid part of the dish. I did enjoy the taste of the dish but who does reviews on things they've only taken a bite out of?

Fried Eggs and Home Fries

There is not much I can say about fried eggs. The lining of the whites was crispy and golden? Yes. The yolk had the consistency of jelly and oozed well? Yes.

The home fries were enjoyable. However, I was slightly deceived by the colour of the potatoes. Inside, the potatoes were quite dense. It was almost like out of excitement to have me try it, the potatoes were removed from the pot prematurely and tossed into the oven for just a few more minutes. Occasionally, I came across a very crispy and well cooked potato. I cherished them. Seasoning and garnishing wise, the spring onions added a cute touch visually, and I think the fries were seasoned quite well. To add depth, I would have liked an aioli type dip on the side or maybe even a maple-syrup based dip to go with it. Ketchup is also a good shout, although it is a bit boring.


Richard gave Courvoisier shots to us as a complimentary treat! Now you see why I can't say anything bad about him.

Vegetable Hash

This dish was recommended to me by Richard after I was served the sausage and gravy that I could not eat. It was full of roasted peppers, potatoes, green veggies and topped off with a fried egg.

Hm. A tad too much black pepper. That for me, was the dominating spice in the dish and I feel that it should have been offset with something else or reduced in presence. Vegetables are sooooo delicious to me; the choice of vegetables was great. Each one had a different texture. For example, the peppers were very silky as opposed to the crispy green vegetables and potatoes. I much preferred the feel of these potatoes in my mouth to the feel of the home fries. They tasted like they had been cooked for the right amount of time.

Also, I must note that the veggies had a bit of a uniform sharp taste that I could have done without. Sadly, my tastebuds could not identify what this could have been caused by.

All in all, it was a solid dish that was palatable, but could have done with a few tweaks to the flavours.


Again. RICHARD decided that we were just not happy enough. So what did he do? He decided to give us complimentary pancakes.

As I can't locate these on the menu, and I actually forgot to ask what everything was (shocker) I can only make an estimated guess about what we were actually eating. I'm guessing that the pancakes were topped with a berry compote and on the side was a generous helping of a brandy butter (I didn't eat the butter - I'm guessing based on general flavour pairings).

Pancakes are one of my absolute favourite sweet treats, and I love the versatility of them. These had a very homely taste; they tasted like the pancakes you would cook for yourself and hide away just before the visitors come and invade your privacy. They were not fluffy pancakes. Rather, they were stick-to-your-gut pancakes that had that all-around-your-mouth kind of feel. That is not a bad thing.

The addition of the berry compote was a smart one, with the tartness cutting through the sweetness of the pancakes. Cream would have been a bit much in this instance because of the texture of the pancakes.

If you don't know by now, let me tell you that customer service is for me, one of the most important factors to consider when deciding whether or not I would recommend a restaurant. I would 100% recommend Sweet Chick just based on the (Southern?) hospitality. Food does taste better when you are being treated well.

Look out for my second review on this place.

No, Sweet Chick doesn't take reservations but they'll take your breath away with their amazing menus.