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Sun Kissed Plates | My Paper Plate and My Red Cup

If you're not parking outside of random houses to collect food, you are not a foodie.

Every time I explore my area, I am continuously underwhelmed by the restaurant options. As a solution oriented person, unless I am willing to settle for a hay-like falafel wrap with a side of undercooked chips, I either cook what I want to eat myself, travel outside of the barren land or have my food delivered from the lands of milk and honey.

I was so pleased to be able to finally try food from Sun Kissed Plates. It was worth the drive and the wait. So, let's get to the review.

Bang Bang Broccoli

We know about 'Bang Bang Cauliflower', but what do you know about 'Bang Bang Broccoli'?

These crispy, chewy, well seasoned broccoli bites were fantastic and dare I say it, better than your typical cauliflower bites. Glad to see that broccoli is being treated with more respect somewhere! The sriracha infused sauce tasted like a sweet, nutty sriracha and mayonnaise hybrid with the slightest kick that teased afterwards. The 'Bang Bang' in the starter's name is totally appropriate. Don't call anything that if the flavours are barely tapping.

Sun Kissed "Curry Mutton" Curry with Coconut Rice and Potato Salad

A dish that truly stole my heart. I was impressed by everything, from the depth of the taste of the curry to the melt-in-your-mouth 'meat' chunks. The latter occasionally even had that resistance you get from goat/mutton like you’re biting into a bit of tendon or bristle. They were smooth when cutting with cutlery but whilst chewing, had quite a bit of texture. They also did not taste like they had just been thrown in at the very end; they tasted marinated. The curry itself, meat aside, was creamy and mildly coarse with flavours that tasted very...fresh. The addition of the soft, ripe, fried plantain created a beautiful, gooey and sweet experience. Plantain can only elevate a meal! Queen!

When eaten alone, the accompanying coconut rice lived up to its name. When paired with the curry, naturally the flavours became subsumed under those of the dominant element of the meal. This doesn't matter because nobody orders rice with a side of curry anyway. Also, despite what people may tell me, I love hard rice. The rice was a tinchy bit too soft for me, but this didn't significantly affect my enjoyment of the meal.

THAT potato salad. Dangerous. I was so sad when I saw that there was nothing left in the containers. It was not a potato salad that relied on cream or mayonnaise to create creaminess; the potatoes were perfectly cooked and so silky. Not a cracked tooth in sight. A slight pang from the mayonnaise and/or cream dressing. I had left the salad to cool down in the fridge. Great decision because it was so refreshing cold afterwards.

I was also given a complimentary fried dumpling (not pictured) and when I say, that dumpling got disrespectfully torn apart. How can even the dumplings have so much pizzazz? What is in this food?!

This was true Barbecue Season Food. Food for any season, to be honest, but I definitely got 'sit in the sun and wait for your paper plates' vibes from the meal which I loved.

Mac & Cheeze

What was to dislike about this sweet, creamy side? The pasta was very much to my liking; almost al dente. There were no strange or unnatural flavours or aftertastes. I find that Vegan Mac and Cheese that has been made with vegan cheese sometimes has a polarising taste or aftertaste. If you are worried about the Mac potentially tasting too coconut-ty, please don't. Coconut is stated to be the base of the Cheeze but it is practically undetectable.

I added the breadcrumbs that came alongside the side, but really, the Mac would have been just as delicious without them. This side had a lovely hue. It wasn't a worryingly fluorescent yellow, nor was it a dull beige. It was perfect. The pasta also wasn’t drowning in the creamy sauce. As the Mac and Cheeze came in a container that separated both components for easy cooking, it would have been easy to manage the consistency of it. When reheated, no moisture was lost.

Salted Caramel Cheesecake

This dessert almost brought me to tears. Divine.

Four layers of refined sugar-free goodness.

The bottom layer, tasted like a mixture of nuts, cacao and dates. The layer above, was a thick sheet of sweet cream which tasted very much like vanilla ice cream to me. The one above, tasted more like a nutty, chocolatey version of the layer below. The top layer tasted like a frothy caramel. There was a modest dusting of chocolate shavings on top.

Now, this piece of cheesecake was not easy. It was hefty. As it should have been because had it been any smaller I would have wanted to cry again. Such a wonderful balance and mesh of flavours. The layers had similar flavour profiles but the slight mix of textures was a delight. Astounding.

Blueberry and Sorrel Punch (not pictured)

I'm not a beverage person but, yes.

This was a very concentrated juice that was both delicious and refreshing. Very strong and well defined flavours. As it was so concentrated, I was able to add some water to it without it losing its 'It' factor.

Closing Remarks

I don’t give ratings normally, but this was a 9.7/10 meal. I was actually blown away. I definitely will order again because this cannot be a once in a lifetime kind of thing.

The person behind the business, Katrina, is also a delight and so accommodating. My customer experience was second to none and that alone, is enough to make me carry the brand name in my mouth from now henceforth.

The food was packaged in sturdy, resueable and recyclable containers. I was also provided with clear and concise (thank God - I have the attention span of a gnat) reheating and storage instructions that were completely accurate. No annoying surprises.

To end, I'll say that if you have not tried any of Sun Kissed Plates' meals, please order this year and let them know that I sent you. No matter your dietary requirements, you will enjoy.

Find out more about Sun Kissed Plates here: https://sunkissedplates.com