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Stork | Bed of Pebbles and Velvety Cores

I had a stunning time at Stork Mayfair. The food, the ambience, the decor...everything was stunning. Even my Cucumber tonic water was delicious. Let's get into why I'm going back.

Yam Coin (with Sweet Potato Ketchup and Coconut and Cassava Dust

This starter arrived on an intriguing bed of pebbles. You know how they say, "if you can't go to the beach..."?

It was almost too pretty to eat. That feeling is always fleeting. I cut into one of the chunky medallions and felt the conversation-stopping crunch of the outside of it as my knife slid through to meet a velvety core. The flavours were impressive. Never before, have I tasted such buttery yam. The crunch came from the coating of the 'coins' and the sprinkle of what I am assuming was the Coconut and Cassava Dust. I had forgotten what the 'coins' were dusted with, and I don't remember getting coconut when I tried it. I was probably distracted by the rest of the dish. Sensory stimulation for definite. This was one of my favourite dishes.

Classic Red Red (Plantain filled with Black Eyed Beans)

Another banger. This was the dish that really did it for me.

It was a simple dish. A coal roasted plantain filled with a rich concoction of palm, tomato and black eyed beans. It wasn't very spicy, though it was very flavourful. A modest black crust coated the plantain; a piece of it was a piece of caramel; a piece of saccharine pulp that was so familiar and comforting.

Beans and plantain - a match made in heaven. The salty-sweet combo here was enjoyable. No tartness from the tomato. The stew was clearly well cooked as it was mellow in flavour.

Simplicity with edible flowers for those who need them.

Jollof Rice

I don't actually have much to say about the rice. Was it tasty, though? Definitely. I ended up taking some of it home as I didn't have a lot of space. I love second day jollof rice and this didn't disappoint.

Summer Salad

As simple as this salad was, I was so happy I ordered it. I needed some green to go with the feast of the carbs on the table.

It was citrusy, fresh and made vegan for me. The lemony tang helped to slightly neutralise the strength of the raw, red onion slices, which normally, I would dislike. It was such a refreshing salad.

Grilled Pineapple Spiced Sponge with Pineapple Jus and Coconut Sorbet

This dessert was just okay for me. I appreciated the deconstruction of it as well as the beautiful presentation, but the actual sponge, the foundation of it all, was quite grainy. It was very flat and dense which would have been fine if it wasn't so coarse. The grilled pineapple was very tart and threw me off a bit. Adding the jus helped somewhat. I liked it; it was frothy and creamy but it didn't taste like pineapple to me. Not to say that that is not what I was served!

The coconut sorbet was a great accompaniment. Like the jus, it was silken, creamy and took longer than I expected to start melting. I didn't enjoy it with the sponge as the mish-mash of grain and slick wasn't pleasant for me. However, I really liked the sorbet with the pineapple.

This was deconstruction on another level. I really had a chance to explore each element by itself with nothing interfering. When they all came together, though, that is when I appreciated the dish a lot more. I also want the plate they served it on.

Why I Am Going Back

You know I have a penchant for great customer service. From beginning to end, I was wowed by the level of attentiveness and care from the staff. They really went the extra mile for us.

Another great thing about Stork is that all desserts can be made vegan. Is this not a victory? You people who suffer a big suffer whenever you get the urge to eat dairy can enjoy freely here. I'd love to try the rest of their desserts as they look divine. Aside from the sweet treats, Stork offers a good selection of vegan savoury dishes that look like they've actually had thought put into them.

The restaurant is breathtakingly gorgeous. From the strategically placed artwork, to the vanity-inducing bathrooms, to the slinky stairs that lead down to a space filled with more artwork and a swanky private dining room. If you wanted to know whether or not Stork was Instagrammable, then yes, it is.

The enjoyment I enjoyed was on another scale and obviously, I had great company too.

If you've been to Stork, I'd love to know what you thought of it. If not, you are slacking. https://www.storkrestaurant.com