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Okan Okonomiyaki | The Food That Moves

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

This was by far the coolest place I've eaten at this month so far! The long train ride into the heart of Brixton was well worth it.

I ordered the gluten free version of the Special Okonomi-Yaki, containing king prawn, squid, corn and kimchi.

Okonomiyaki can be described as a savoury Japanese pancake that comes topped with different things and is typically filled with cabbage and egg. I've seen that noodles often feature in this pancakes too, but as I opted for the gluten free version, I'm not sure about what would have been in mine if I had made a different choice.

When the meal arrived, I noticed pieces of something fluttering and was immediately intrigued. What's your policy - ask after eating or ask before eating?

I found out later that those dancing, wafer thin adornments were actually fish flakes. They adopted the texture of chewed up paper as I ate them. That doesn't sound good but actually they weren't unpleasant to eat.

The pancake itself was more filling than I expected it to be; there was nothing to beef it up except for the cabbage. I liked the generous fish sauce topping; it was quite salty (sadly, I like salt a lot so I wasn't offended) but it also had a smoky undertone that gave the pancake more depth. As I kept eating, I kept discovering the other components of the pancake. My favourite extras were the squid pieces. I should have ordered extra kimchi because I could have done with a bit more of a kick.

Aesthetically, this dish was stunning. I feel that a lot of effort was put into the construction of it and the fish flakes gave me something to talk about with my friend.

Do yourself a favour, and give this restaurant a visit as soon as you can: http://www.okanbrixtonvillage.com