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My Top Five Lockdown Creations (Some of Them Never Made It To The Gram)

Hi Supporters!

Happy Thursday. Or should I say, Happy 'The Grand Eat' Day?

I decided to pivot into the world of home cooking as it seemed a natural temporary space to occupy whilst waiting for it to be safe to eat out again. Lo and behold, I am still in my house and I don't plan to eat out for a while, so you can imagine how painful this situation is for me. This new space I have found myself in has really tested my patience but has taught me a lot also. In summary, I have discovered that I am actually quite a skilled and adventurous cook and I'm very grateful for all of the support I have received. Yours included! However, a large part of me is also looking forward to packing in the home cooking almost completely and being waited on hand and foot because I am really a spoilt brat at heart and if I can get away with no cooking, I will.

Anyway. I am back for now. Please enjoy the photos of the best things I've cooked since lockdown started, with a brief explanation of why.


My family loved this dish. So fragrant and so tasty! I didn't have any saffron to hand (Fake Paella?) so I used turmeric and boy oh boy, did it do nothing. Nevertheless, I've had so many requests to cook this again, so I might just make cooking it a yearly tradition with a few twists.

Seabass, Jollof Rice, Plantain Fries and Homemade Coleslaw

Nothing particularly out of the ordinary, but delicious nonetheless. I'm off seafood for now, but I have always loved it. Jollof rice used to embarrass me. Now I have conquered it and can cook it with my eyes closed. Plantain fries are cool and all but you know that the shape of things matters? I prefer my plantain to be diced, cut into circles, or cut into ovals. Plantain is always good, though. Homemade / fresh coleslaw is always the way forward. Especially if it is made by a Jamaican person. Happy Jamaican Independence Day!

(Rumaki) Ramen with Gyoza, Soba Noodles, Egg and Chicken Livers

I was so, so, so proud of this dish. I am surprised it isn't my WhatsApp display photo, to be honest. I love that with ramen, you basically get two meals in one, which is great especially in this economy.

Chicken Cooked in Coconut Milk and Spices

I improvised here. I slow cooked the chicken in the oven with some coconut milk and some spices and herbs. I then paired it with black rice and some spinach. Such a nutritious and beautiful dish. What I've called it is literally what you need to cook it.

Pondu with Prawns, Rice and Plantain

Congolese people have been enjoying and I am so late to the party. I cooked this and ate it three times in one day. By choice. It was simple to cook, despite my fear that I would poison myself (look up 'Cassava Leaves' and you'll see why). This meal was too addictive and when the container was scraped clean, I almost shed a tear.

My plating was not the best here so please don't look at the plate at the top for too long.

People, I hope you enjoyed this little segment, I really do. I will be taking a break to decide on how I want to move forward with The Grand Eat, but it has been a pleasure speaking to you all. Please feel free to reread my old posts for nostalgia purposes, and also send me emails at sioeatsblog@gmail.com if you'd like.

Stay well and healthy and we will meet again soon!