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Kothu Kothu | Looks Can Be Deceiving

After a long day of eating delicious Caribbean foods, I decided to change it up a bit and eat something different. Croydon Boxpark offers such a variety of foods, and I almost resorted to remaining dish-less. But then, I saw Kothu Kothu, and I remember the time I was told about koththu rotti - a Sri Lankan dish that contains strips of roti, egg and vegetables. I opted for the one containing mutton as they were no longer serving the chicken-filled version.

What I enjoyed most about this meal was how flavoursome everything was. It was spicy but my tongue wasn't flapping. When I received the box of food, I gave my friend the "where is the rest of it" look but looks can be deceiving. This "little" box was packed to the brim with koththu rotti, and there was a generous serving of mutton all up and through it. The mutton was succulent and tender.

The only criticism I have of the meal was that sometimes the roti pieces were too hard for me to chew comfortably. It was almost like those pieces had been over-fried or were older than the rest of the components of the meal. Apart from that, I can firmly say that the koththu rotti is something I look forward to eating again.

Koththu Rotti with Mutton