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Honest Burger | Simple Wins Sometimes

Updated: May 19, 2020

Another review on burger and chips?! Don't worry, the real Sio has not been abducted and replaced with a clone. This will probably be the last review on such a meal for a very long time, however. I love a good burger and chips but I try to eat other things as I find them to be quite boring. Anyway.

I visited the Waterloo branch of Honest Burgers with two friends recently. It was a small, cosy venue with a rustic feel to it. The friendly waitress sat me down immediately; this is important to note because it would normally be unusual to walk into a place that doesn't take reservations on a Friday evening, but - holiday period.

There was a vegetable based burger on the menu but I was more intrigued by the plant based burger - as it had been recommended to me by a friend - which is what I ended up getting. It was full of vegan Gouda cheese and salad. It also came with rosemary salted chips.

A brioche bun will always get a burger into my good books. Pillowy, sweet clouds of goodness. Whether or not the vegan burger came in a brioche bun, I am not sure because that was not stated. However, it looked and tasted like one and I liked it.

That raw onion thing that some people like to do with their burgers...I don't like that. I removed it from the burger (clearly I didn't read the menu properly because it was listed as a component) swiftly. The vegan cheese had become translucent through melting - a hallmark vegan cheese feature. This was definitely one of the better vegan cheeses. It was meant to resemble Gouda cheese. I didn't get the Gouda, but it was goud-a 'nuff. Do you get it? Okay, bye.

The patty itself was moist (my aversion to this word has lessened greatly and I hope my usage doesn't offend you) and had a meat-like consistency. For those of you who love meat but want to reduce your consumption of it, this would be a perfect substitute for you.

The fries were good, albeit a tad bit harder than I like them to be. The fries were showing some skin, though, so Honest Burgers did well there.

This was a simple, filling meal. I would recommend it for a catch-up outing with friends or an in-between shopping trip stop.

Honestly speaking.