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Hefaure | Is Everyone Full of Hot Air?

Updated: May 19, 2020

There is an ongoing trend now of eating supersize versions of foods. Including pancakes. The minute I saw 'souffle pancakes' on Instagram, I said to myself that I had to try them, whether they were filled with dairy products or not.

I don't remember the pancakes being particularly warm when they were served to me. I can class this as being one of the more slightly immaterial observations because I can see the integrity of the USP being unlikely to be challenged by temperature.

I opted for the matcha cream and red bean topping on my souffle pancakes. Having tried a red bean filled steamed bun years ago and being very confused, I decided to challenge myself and try red beans on something again.

Souffle Pancakes with Matcha Cream and Red Beans

The cream and the red beans worked very well together. The beans added a texture that worked really well with the fluffiness below it. The matcha really came through; there was a hint of bitterness that is a typical characteristic of matcha. I was happy about that because one thing I can't stand is being told that something contains something and you can see, taste or feel no evidence of that being true. Saying that though, I don't really like the bitterness that comes with matcha so I could have done without it.

As for the pancakes, they were decent. Souffle-like? Definitely. They were silky on the tongue. They were airy as well. I suppose I expected more though I don't know what I would have preferred. Perhaps more sweetness? A hint of cinnamon or nutmeg? I don't know. They were not what I would call 'tasty' - without the red bean and cream topping, they'd have been reduced to velvety paperweights. When I think of pancakes, I think of them being able to hold their own despite not being covered in or topped with anything. I feel that once the thrill of eating a souffle-pancake hybrid has dissipated, the desire for something more sets in, and the feeling of it in the mouth is no compensation for the lack of flavour.

Saying all of that, I would try these again but with another topping because I enjoyed the texture of the pancakes. There are some things I have found myself liking a lot because of how they feel in my mouth; seaweed crisps, powdered milk etc.

I live for unique food. If you do too, visit Hefaure (there is no official website for this business):