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Food in Florence | My Top Five

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

My sister and I visited Florence for her birthday this year. I thought that it was a stunning city with great transport links, eye-catching architecture and of course, review-worthy food. I will only be discussing one of these features here, but if you want a copy of my itinerary, feel free to email me.

La Pasta Fresca | Gnocchi in Salsa Pomodoro

We found this stall in Il Mercato Centrale, a must-see food market. This was my first time trying gnocchi and I loved it! The gnocchi was soft but had a bit of bite to it. The tartness that comes with undercooked tomato sauce wasn’t present at all. Such a simple dish but so hearty and satisfying. I could have done with a bigger portion, were it not for the inclusion of cheese in the dish. I knew it was too good to be true. The chef was kind enough to rustle up a quick cheese-free pasta dish for me which was also delicious. I was really about to order another portion of the gnocchi but I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

Gnocchi in Salsa Pomodoro

Unknown Restaurant | Truffles on Toasted Bread

‘Toasted bread’ sounds so much more fancy than toast. Don’t you agree? One of my friends saw the photo of this starter and told me that I was given entirely too much truffle, which may justify what I am about to tell you. The smell of the truffles was quite overpowering. This is going to sound very strange but the smell was familiar – it was the kind of smell that I could expect a human being to have, but not one I can really say that I remember from before. Perhaps I would have preferred it if they were slathered onto the toasted bread with a lighter hand, and if the portion was a lot smaller. Saying all of that, I could appreciate the nutty, earthy taste the smooth truffle offered, and I would actually try truffles again – just not the way I had it this time around.

Truffles on Toasted Bread

Unknown Restaurant | Courgette Flowers

I ate these at the same restaurant I ate the truffles at. Laurence, the teacher of the cooking class my sister and I attended (a review of that is pending) recommended that we try courgette flowers if we got the chance. They had a very subtle taste; a contrast to its predecessor. I would have liked to be able to dip them in something – perhaps a yoghurt based sauce? Either way, I enjoyed them – it was a bit like eating courgette fritters/fries but the texture was different.

Courgette Flowers

Le Vespe Cafè | Collection of side dishes


My sister had been craving a fry up and because I am magic, I managed to find the cutest restaurant that we could get one from. The great thing about this restaurant is that you can pick numerous sides and create a whole meal with them for a very affordable price. I had potatoes, mushrooms, spinach, tempeh steak, fried eggs and French toast. Then I tasted some of the pancake my sister ordered and I ordered one of those too. Yes, I finished everything. My favourite components of the meal were definitely the pancake and the potatoes. The portion sizes were excellent too!

Collection of side dishes (Spinach, French Toast, Potatoes, Mushrooms, Pancake and Fried Eggs)

Il Vegano | Vegan Lasagne


I left the review for this restaurant’s food until last because it was actually my favourite dish out of everything I have mentioned here. This lasagne. Okay. I just cannot. This is something I wish a non-vegan friend would try just so I can say “I told you so”. The creamy sauce was to die for. The pasta – as we found was always the case in Florence – was al dente and the tomato sauce was perfect. I’m not sure what pasta does to me, but I was ready to buy another portion after my first bite. There was no meat substitute in the lasagne and let me tell you – I didn’t miss it at all. Fantastic dish. I wish I had tried the cakes too, but next time.

Vegan Lasagne

I was so happy to experience the variety and high quality of food in Florence. I would definitely put it on my 'To Return To' list, and maybe this time I will try the famous Florentine steak. Have you been to Florence? What were your favourite Florentine dishes?