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Food in Budapest | My Top Three

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

What. Is. Going. On? I've been holding all of this juicy info for you for a hot minute but I think you're ready to receive it now. Let's go.

I travelled to Budapest in May - it was a solo trip. I had the time of my life. You may or may not agree with this but to me, food usually tastes better when you're not speaking whilst eating. During my trip, I visited some truly great eateries and venues. I literally was always chewing on something. Here, I will be going into three different dishes I ate there that made me look at my return plane ticket sideways - or at least piqued my intrigue.

I visited this cute, classy vegan restaurant which was decorated with one of my favourite colours - purple - and basically had to restrain myself from ordering everything. I eventually settled on this dish and was not disappointed. Ahh, the seitan was divine - imagine the joy you get when sinking your teeth into a slow cooked piece of beef - I experienced a similar sensation. Brasov is typically cooked with meat and potatoes. This was a great introduction to the flavours that would normally be present in the traditional version. There were plenty of onions scattered on my plate, sitting on the delicate strips of seitan - soft and mild tasting. The potatoes were great. I mean, I don't normally expect badly cooked potatoes from any restaurant as they aren't really hard to cook, but still.

Napfényes Étterem | Seitan Roast à la Brasov’ with an Oat Fritter Side

I really didn't need to add the oat fritter to the imaginary conveyor belt leading to my mouth but so what? It was thick, stodgy goodness and was the perfect size for a side. It was flavoured so well that the 'oaty' taste was very vague. Lovely.

Napfényes Étterem | Three Cheese Pizza

This is not a typical Hungarian dish but I have to review this because it was sooo good! It was around 12 inches in diameter and the crust was thick. It was a tinchy bit more doughy than I prefer but nobody was injured. I've been severely disappointed by vegan cheese in the past so to try a pizza with FOUR vegan cheeses on it was a brave decision. It was also the right decision. I will not lie and say that each cheese had a distinct flavour to me, but what I will say is, that all four cheeses merged together to create something beautiful.

Kollasz | Frog Leg Provençal

Such a gorgeous dish. The colours were what struck me first - the plate was full of vibrant shades of green with splashes of burgundy. You have more than one mouth! Looks are important.

If you've never tried frog legs before, don't be put off by how live frogs look. They are worth trying.

The frog legs came laid out on a smooth purée and surrounded by broccoli florets. The broccoli tasted like...broccoli *shrugs*. Not much to say on that. The main event - the frog legs - is what I am reporting on. The flavour wasn't strong, but I think that considering how busy the dish as a whole was, it made sense for that to be the case.

My favourite aspect of the dish was the aesthetics - so pretty!

Notable Mention

  • Kürtőskalács (Hungarian Chimney Cake) - When I tell you I could have eaten a clean ten of these during my three day trip. They have a similar taste and texture to soft pretzels. I loved the cinnamon ones! You can get a free one if you purchase a Budapest Card.

Budapest is a vibrant and interesting city with more than one personality. There is no doubt in my mind that you will be able to find more than one place to eat that caters for your preferences and requirements. If you have any questions, leave me a comment or email me at sioeatsblog@gmail.com.