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Eats of the Month | September 2019

Updated: May 19, 2020

Veal Escalope - Giorgio's (Leadenhall Market)

As I sashayed down the stairs to meet my eating partner after a long few minutes of trying to find the restaurant in a confusing Leadenhall Market, I was in awe of my surroundings. Such a classy and homely environment.

My eating partner recommended to me a dish that they had tried and loved before; the veal escalope which normally comes with spaghetti. I opted for potatoes instead.

Let's talk about the veg first - it's the easiest and quickest thing to talk about. They were very plain (of course, I asked for salt and pepper) but surprisingly, I wasn't too bothered about this. The thing is, I sometimes like to eat food that isn't too seasoned sometimes because I do feel that the intensity of some flavours can get a bit overwhelming for my digestive system and throat. It felt like I was digging into 1/10th of a Sunday roast, and who doesn't like those?

Now, for the veal. I wasn't too taken by it. It was easy to cut into, yet not as tender as I expected it to be. Now, I've never had veal before, so perhaps this may come across as an unfair judgement, but I like my meat to be soft and juicy, and this was not so. Also, the fact that the meat was breaded potentially took away from the potential succulence of it.

Because I loved the warm atmosphere of the restaurant and the menu was very exciting, I would actually visit again, but I would choose a different meal.

Visit this lovely restaurant's website! https://www.giorgioatleadenhall.co.uk

Khanom Khrok - Khanom Krok (Borough Market)

In Borough Market, sandwiched between two other popular stalls, you will find a stall selling pad Thai and something called Khanom Khrok. The stall is called...Khanom Krok.

These cute, delicious rounds of coco-nutty goodness are so more-ish; the first time I tried them, I had to physically restrain myself (it can be done) from going to buy another portion.

These pancakes, as some may refer to them as, are made with coconut milk, rice flour and sugar. They are naturally gluten free which is great news for those who are intolerant to gluten and/or have gut issues.

The delightful crispy circular edge is my absolute favourite part. The middle is gooey and is sweet, but not too sweet. The black sesame seed garnish is pretty, although not the stand-out element.

I urge you to try these great Thai treats and dare you to tell me that they aren't good. Khanom Krok has a fan in me.

Find out more about this eatery here: http://boroughmarket.org.uk/traders/khanom-krok