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Eats of the Month - November

Updated: May 19, 2020

Charcoal Croissant - Coco Di Mama

In the spirit of Black History Month (October in the UK) I wanted to try everything that was even remotely connected to it. So that meant black coloured food, food from black vendors etc.

I'd heard so much about charcoal infused food but never went out of my way to try anything of that nature. That was until one morning in October, when I was feeling myself and was sick of eating the same thing for breakfast every day.

What a delicious treat. For those of you who are worried that you'll feel like you are licking the inside of a fireplace, you won't. There was definitely a deeper taste there, but I can't be sure that that was because of the charcoal. It was so flaky and crispy, with a soft and fluffy centre that was stunning to look at. The outside was a unexpectedly sticky which I didn't like because I don't like my fingers to feel coated. The taste made up for that, though.

It was worth the £1.80! Believe that!

Get yours! https://www.cocodimama.co.uk

'Sakana' - Koya

The quaint little eatery I always noticed as I walked through an interesting passageway full of enticing restaurants, became a destination I knew I needed to get to before the end of the year. After enjoying a beautiful bottomless brunch, I was on a high and spontaneously decided to make my dream a reality.

I was seated promptly and it didn't take me long to decide on what I wanted, though the menu looked great.

I opted for the 'Sakana' dish - a simple clear broth full of udon noodles, a poached egg and white fish.

I've always thought of dishes containing both noodles and broth or soup being value for money because it's like getting two dishes in one. Because of the nature of the dish, I found myself taking longer than usual to finish it. The portion was hefty. We like.

The udon noodles tasted fresh and had a chewy texture. The white fish, although more on the plain tasting side, was very flaky and light, although the integrity of it was not compromised by the hot broth at all. The poached egg was probably the highlight for me. I poked my chopsticks into it to release the runny yolk encased within, and the beautiful yellow, syrupy goodness that oozed out made me melt inside. Of course, the yolk did not taste like much but the flavours of everything else carried it; it just added another dimension to the dish - a thickness. The soup itself was very well flavoured, although it was taken to another level when I added the complimentary chilli powder to it.

All in all, I enjoyed my 'Sakana'. It gave me exactly what I needed that day. I would definitely return and try not only a different dish but a beverage or two as well.

You should visit! http://www.koya.co.uk