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Eats of the Month - December

Updated: May 19, 2020

Bill's Restaurant - Carrot, Cashew Nut and Mushroom Wellington

What is a Beef Wellington without beef? Tasty, that's what.

Bluewater is home to a huge shopping centre containing several household name restaurants. If you're ever in the county of Kent (not DEEP Kent - find another shopping centre), you should visit it.

The Carrot, Cashew Nut and Mushroom Wellington I ordered was paired with a creamy Butterbean Mash, Long Stem Broccoli and vegetable gravy. I also ordered the sweet potato fries (not pictured) because ... greed. Yes, the pastry was flaky and almost melted on my tongue. The filling was not as flavoursome as I would have liked it to be. The gravy did help. Although not strong in taste, it was stronger in taste than the food it was the side to. The consistency of the Wellington was decent. There was no attempt to simulate the presence of beef - this Wellington is not for those who 'ride or die' for meat substitutes that make an effort to taste and look like meat.

I could have done with more butterbean mash, which was bordering on bland but was carried by the vegetable gravy. It had potential. It did. The creaminess was definitely there. No trace of any skins...we were almost there. However, we never arrived.

I have nothing bad to say about broccoli. I eat my greens! I love vegetables and tender stem / long stem broccoli happens to make me a very happy lady.

The sweet potato fries were very middle-of-the-road. The crispiness was lacking but they were okay for what they were.

If you are intrigued by what Bill's has to offer, then visit their website: https://bills-website.co.uk/

Ben's Cookies - Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookie

No, I'm not supposed to be eating dairy, but I was sick of going from place to place only to find out that I was not in the branch that offers vegan cookies. So I broke, and I purchased a dark chocolate chunk cookie from Ben's Cookies, my favourite cookie store in London.

I wish that the cookie was warm. I had been looking forward to eating it for all of the three minutes it took for me to get there from where I had spotted the sign. However, it is what it is.

Despite the cooler temperature of the cookie (yes, I only had one - progression), the level of sweetness was perfect and there was a crispness to it that was obviously existent because it wasn't a warm cookie. The cookie was slightly crumbly in texture when in the mouth, but remained very well bound when broken into pieces.

I love that Ben's Cookies use chunks instead of chips. It makes the cookie look more upmarket - chips are so overdone. However, I have nothing against chocolate chips, I just think chunks look better.

Are you a Cookie Monster? Check Ben's Cookies out!