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Dungu's Brunch | Went Solo, Left Carrying a Food Baby

Updated: May 19, 2020

I have heard people say things like “there is nothing to do in London” and “London can be so boring”, to which I always exclaim to in response, “no, it’s not! There is plenty to do here!” I am not blindly defending this city – it is the genuine truth. Another related truth is that often when people say these things, they often follow up with an expression of disdain for trying different things, going to new types of events…just basically doing things that would take them outside of their comfort zone. A zone that only accommodates bowling.

I would strongly recommend Dungu’s Brunch. I would recommend it to those who enjoy good food, good company and education. So, what is it?

Dungu’s Brunch is an event where people can chow down on tasty vegan food, speak about relevant topics that encourage the sharing of practical advice and be drowned in Prosecco (the waiters and waitresses never let my glasses run dry).

Let me walk you through the event, to further massage your FOMO.

I walked into the venue alone and was greeted by a lovely woman who granted me access and another lady who gave me a wristband and led me to my table. I was seated with a lady and a few gentlemen that ended up yapping away with for most of the event and gradually I started speaking to many other interesting people. The conversations flowed and flowed and flowed. The positive energy in the room was indisputable and infectious.

This time around, the topic of discussion was Mental Wellbeing, a phrase that Paul (the person behind this event) said to me that he chose to use for the event over ‘Mental Health’. In this current climate, when people are struggling to juggle financial responsibilities, the demands of a health lifestyle and of family and friends, it was a necessary segment. The main speaker providing us all with knowledge over delicious canapes and free-flowing Prosecco, was a woman who goes by the name of ‘The Psycho Mev’ on social media. I loved her non-judgmental approach to all of the questions she was asked.

Shortly after the Mental Wellbeing discussion, the main courses came out. I opted for the Crispy Tofu with Fries and Salad. It came with a sweet chilli dip on the side. This is kind of off topic but I am such a slow eater and it took me around thirty solid minutes to finish this meal. My dessert came and some of it started melting. The tofu encased in the panko breadcrumb coating was beautifully smooth and despite not tasting marinated, was very delicious. The fries were the perfect texture – not dense, but fluffy and crisp. I also saw some skin. Hello.

Crispy Tofu with Fries and Salad

During my snail-paced journey to a bare plate, the dessert which was a quirkily arranged Chocolate Tart with (I believe it was raspberry) Sorbet arrived at my table. I adored the pastry; it was crumbly and buttery (yes, buttery – let’s go with that) and the chocolate filling; smooth and rich. I just wish it was bigger because within six bites, it was gone!

Chocolate Tart with Sorbet

Dungu’s Brunch was a well-curated event; it speaks to the nature of Paul’s character and brand that the vibe was so open, friendly and positive. I have no constructive criticism to give; everything was well timed, all the way down to the food courses. Mental Wellbeing can be a heavy and intense topic, but both Paul and ‘The Psycho Mev’ ensured that answers to questions were concise, and that practical as opposed to fluffy advice was provided. The segment served as a great conversation starter, so for those who were more shy, this would have been very helpful.

I have been shouting about how great this event was and I hope to be able to make it to the next one. If not, I will be at the one after that.

*I will also let you into a little secret; I’m back to pescatarian life mainly because of this event. So any meat you see on my pages from now on is going to be fake.