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Coq D'Argent | The Strength of the Black Truffle

Updated: May 19, 2020

Somewhere tucked away inconspicuously near Bank Station in London, is a quaint restaurant named Coq D’Argent. To access it, one must take a lift. Once out of the lift, the guest will see that they are on the terrace overlooking London and surrounded by greenery and flowers.

When my party and I walked in, we were immediately greeted by a smiley staff member who led us to the entrance where we were met by numerous other smiley faces. I noticed how calm everybody seemed – the staff and the guests. As everyone on my table was cracking jokes and catching up, our glasses were filled up and we were served bread roll, after bread roll after bread roll (I am not complaining). The bread was fresh and the butter was creamy and delicious – it melted so well.

I selected my starter and main course from the Vegan Set Menu. To start with, I had the Charred Onion Broth. It came with vegan cheese (I could not identify the brand by taste or appearance) and puffed crackers.

Charred Onion Broth with Puffed Crackers and Vegan Cheese

There were huge strings of onion in the soup that were arranged in a heap on top of the liquid. They were very soft and tasted slightly caramelised. The soup itself had a very strong Worcestershire sauce flavour. I did some research and it turns out that this is actually an ingredient in a typical French Onion Soup, so A* to me! The soup and crackers went very well together. I enjoyed spooning the onion strings onto the crackers. They didn’t go soggy and weak against the weight of them; these were crackers of steel. They didn’t give very easily when I tried to snap them but that just made everything more fun for me.

Next, I had the Wild Mushroom and Black Truffle Risotto, featuring a sprinkling of truffle and the same vegan mozzarella cheese that accompanied my onion soup. Now, by now I was a bit tired of the vegan cheese. It had that ‘faux’ cheese taste that I notice in many substitutes and only tolerate because it isn’t awful, just underwhelming. I would have appreciated skinnier shreds of the cheese as I think it would have looked more pleasant against the rest of the meal and would have melted into the meals easier. The cheese was too much of a stand-out element and considering the other elements of both the starter and main course, this shouldn’t have been the case.

Wild Mushroom and Black Truffle Risotto

You may have read one of my recent posts where I wrote about my experience eating Truffle Toast in Florence (https://www.sioeats.com/post/food-in-florence-my-top-five), but if not, just know that it evoked a strong reaction from me when I ate it. Truffles have a very strong taste and pungent smell; it is impossible not to recognise its presence once you’ve tried it once.

The risotto featured the perfect amount of truffle. The pieces were penny sized slithers dotted around the plate. The intensity of the truffle was matched with the other flavours in the risotto – I feel that that this could potentially be attributed to the wild mushroom. It was an enjoyable dish. Extremely punchy flavours that didn’t back down after a swig of water.

I commend the staff for their wonderful service and the chefs for the well-executed food. There is every reason for me to visit this restaurant again. The ambience, the stunning terrace…take me back.

You’ve come to the end of my review, but now it’s time for you to experience Coq D’Argent for yourself!