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Coco Di Mama | Co-co for Carbs

Updated: May 19, 2020

The only reason I hardly eat Italian food is because often there is a huge focus on pasta and

pizza in restaurants – two things my belly doesn’t like.

One day in the recent past, I decided to visit Coco Di Mama. I always see branches of this

brand in Central London and so I thought to myself, “ignore the belly. Just for today.”

I purchased the Vegan Lentil Lasagne, which was packed with delicious tomatoes and

lentils. The pasta was al dente (I like). I must say, I was very impressed with this dish. The

portion size was perfect. I would have preferred a different kind of container, though. It was a bit flimsy.

Truth be told, the lentils were very ‘mince-like’. It is only when I looked at them that I

remembered, “oh yeah…lentils”. They were not too soft and not too hard. The vegan

bechamel sauce was creamy and the tomato sauce was slightly tangy but very tasty.

To follow, I treated myself to a cute little packet of Crosta & Mollica’s Multigrain Tarallini.

They really brought me back to Florence. Those crunchy, salty bites of goodness are so

moreish…I am still upset at the fact that I only bought one packet.

Coco Di Mama is definitely somewhere I will visit again. The food tasted fresh and I like the

fact that so much of the food was easily accessible and well kept.

Be happy like me! Coco Di Mama has tons of options for both meat-eaters and plant-based


Check them out here: https://www.cocodimama.co.uk/