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Chotto Matte | Was the Fusion an Illusion?

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

As soon as I saw the menu for Chotto Matte, I knew that that was where my friend and I were supposed to go! It was suggested to us by one of my friend's colleagues. A restaurant offering dishes influenced by both the Japanese and Peruvian culture, this is an excellent place to go if you want to experience a fusion of eye-popping flavours.

My friend and I were seated upstairs where we had a good view of the surrounding Soho area. The staff were knowledgable and friendly (especially Gio - I hope that is how her name is spelt). We weren't left for too long without our starters and drinks.

My starter was the cassava and sweet potato chips with yellow tomato salsa. Normally, this comes with guacamole, but the waitress alerted me about the presence of dairy in it, so kindly brought me two portions of the zingy salsa to compensate. The crunchy crisps worked very well with the salsa - I want to say that I tasted notes of citrus but I could be wrong. The only criticism of the starter that I have is that I think the dish used to serve the salsa and guacamole should have been shaped differently to allow for easy dipping. Conscious and clean-freak eaters would have an issue trying to find other methods to sop up all of that goodness and that is a shame.

Cassava & Sweet Potato Chips with Yellow Tomato Salsa

The yuca frita side was sized well. It came with a smoked panca dip. Panca is the abbreviated name for a type of Peruvian pepper. The taste was confusing to me at first. It took me a good five dips for me to confirm how good I thought it tasted. It kind of reminded me of chipotle dip. My friend wasn't a firm fan, but it didn't matter because it was my dish and not her's. The yuca fries were smooth and soft inside the crispy, browned casing and when I dipped these into the panca dip for the sixth, seventh times and beyond, they were taken to another level.

Yuca Frita & Smoked Panca Dip

Do you enjoy chicken? Yes? Then you absolutely MUST order the Pollo Peruano. WOW. I didn't want this meal to end. The slices of tender chicken on a bed of a puréed root vegetable of some sort, were succulent, juicy and seasoned extremely well. I find chicken to be lacklustre sometimes but this required nothing else. I would have loved a bigger portion but I understand that such a dish doesn't focus on filling the eater to satiation, but teasing and appeasing the palate.

Pollo Peruano

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Chotto Matte. The concept of it is well executed and both the Japanese and Peruvian cuisines are fully represented throughout the menu. The atmosphere here is very chilled and calm; the decor is sexy and stylish with black, glossy areas all over. This is a restaurant I can see myself visiting again in the near future.

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Find out more about this restaurant here: https://chotto-matte.com