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Cafe Van Gogh | An Excellent Find

Updated: May 19, 2020

My favourite thing about Instagram is that as long as the app is installed on my phone, I never have to struggle to find a place to eat. People are out here stalking their exes, but here I am stalking restaurants.

I briskly bounced to this homely spot one day after work, still undecided about what dishes I would be choosing. The welcome was so warm! I perused the menu, full of intrigue, but I was careful not to do so for too long; this was only meant to be my first dinner of the evening.

Mac & Cheese jumped out to me. It came to me in a well-sized dish, with jalapenos and crispy onions dotted all over it. It smelled delightful. I guess that it would be a good time to mention that Café van Gogh is a vegan restaurant, so the Cheese was actually Mac & ‘Cheese’, Mac & Cheez, Mac No Cheese – whatever people label the substitute. I like my mac & cheese gooey, stodgy and as cheesy as possible. I could taste what I knew was the base of the sauce – the butternut squash; although not unpleasant, I felt that using potato as a base would have been more palatable for me. It would have potentially made for a more gloopy, gooey, creamy texture. That aside, it was a very enjoyable dish. The jalapenos were a good addition and the crispy onions gave me salty, crunchy goodness. Banging.

Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese

For balance, I ordered the Warm Chocolate Brownie with Oat Cream and without Berry Coulis. It was so fragile on the top and so stodgy and strong on the bottom. After every bite, I felt my teeth surrender to the thick, warm fudge; they almost became glued to each other. Although not sickly-sweet, the richness of the brownie was quite intense and the small jug of oat cream – which by the way, was a great accompaniment – did little to calm that down. For those of you who love rich desserts, this would be perfect for you. It was a good sized dessert too.

Warm Chocolate Brownie with Oat Cream

This is one place I wish I had spent longer and ate more at. It is not a pretentious eatery; it is cosy and warm. The kind of place you would want to spend at Christmas with your grandparents and pet dogs.

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