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BIRD | A Bird In The Hand is Worth £13

There is nothing worse than planning to go and eat somewhere and realising that when you stop moving, you're nowhere near where you need to be. This happened to me earlier on in the month. However, when it comes to food, I have the tenacity of an Olympic champion.

The first time I visited Bird, I did so with a friend on a Bank Holiday and I had the waffle burger. It was doable but the second time I went with someone else, was the time I was really blown away. The chicken wings really did it for me. However, we are focusing on my third visit today, so let me try and stay on topic.

I ordered the Caribbean Chicken & Waffles, which came with covered in mayo, coconut jerk sauce, BBQ sauce and pineapple & mango relish.

The food literally only took around seven minutes to arrive - this is the kind of timing that will put a restaurant in my good books. It was beautifully presented. The chicken was plentiful and looked perfectly fried and crispy. The waffles were barely visible under all of the toppings. To keep it all together, there were some toothpicks piercing the chicken and waffles. This may be important information for those of you who like stringy food but don't carry floss around.

The waffles were soft and fluffy, and surprisingly unperturbed or soaked through by the numerous liquid toppings and heat from the chicken on top. I could have done without the mayonnaise slathered on top of them. I liked the chicken, but it needed more seasoning! I understand that the job of the sauces was probably to aid with that, but it just wasn't enough. I feel that the chicken and/or the sauces could have had more of a kick and a more salty flavour as the dish ended up lacking depth. The relish left a lot to be desired. The fruits did not seem ripe at all and irritated my throat slightly. The coconut shavings added nothing to the dish.

If I had to recreate the dish, I would take inspiration from a Trinidadian and Tobagonian fruity treat I know to be called 'chow', and add more herbs and spices to the relish. I would put it in a fancy box on the side so that the customer could choose how much to add to their meal, and I would do the same with the other sauces too. The chicken would be more flavourful but I wouldn't change anything about the waffle. Oh, and there would be no mayo.

All in all, I would say that there were elements of the dish that were enjoyable, but the flavours were way too safe for me. However, as a fan of big food, I must say that the portion size was excellent!

Is Bird the word for you? http://birdrestaurants.com/#