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Absurd Bird | "What Is In A Name? That Which We Call Absurd..."

Updated: May 19, 2020

Why, hello again! I hope you are looking forward to reading this review. I know that many of you are yet to sample food from Absurd Bird and are intrigued by what it has to offer.

Before I get started, I must make clear that I only ate vegan food at this restaurant, so for those of you who are meat-crazy, this may not be the review for you.

Absurd Bird, Soho, is an easy find, once you have made it out of the jungle that is Piccadilly Circus Tube Station. Once you're inside, you'll see that it has an underground, gritty kind of feel to it. My friends and I were seated in the downstairs dining room. If you're having the alcoholic bottomless brunch, be careful when going up and down the stairs!

I was kindly allowed to order from the normal main menu despite booking a brunch for a large group of people. I opted for the V Mac and Cheese and the Vaffles (Vegan Chicken and Waffles).

The V Mac and Cheese arrived to the table first. Now, I must say, I am a person who can initially look at a dish with confusion, disgust or apprehension and still try it. I like to give things a fair chance. However, when I dug in, the apprehension transformed into an annoyance. I can only describe this dish as ... lazy. I could not understand how I could be served boiled macaroni with random spatters of black pepper, a few slices of vegan cheese on top of it, and be expected to be joyous. The lack of flavour was severe. The vegan cheese was one of the better ones and so I did my best to mix it with the pasta as much as I could. However, it was still disappointing despite my efforts and I was not happy with it at all. No. I would not recommend it.

V Mac and Cheese

Absurd Bird redeemed themselves with the Vaffles; the vegan 'chicken' and waffles. The 'chicken' (which I think was made of seitan) was actually gorgeous; devoid of dryness and tastelessness, this is something I would recommend to all non-meat eaters. The flaky, crispy coating was sooo perfect. At times, the coating would flake off and I would be quick not to let it stay on the plate for too long. If the coating came as a side, I would have ordered it.

Waffles with Peanut Butter Dip & Maple Syrup

Talk about feeding the five thousand. I was very pleased with the amount of waffles I was given. I think I prefer to be given a few small waffles as opposed to one large one. I think the former are better looking and easier to eat. They had a fluffy and spongy composition and worked well against the weighty mock chicken. The balance of flavours in the waffles was great. The savoury and sweet elements were covered but still allowed for the naughty sides of maple syrup and peanut butter to play supportive and sometimes stand-out sidekicks. Putting these condiments in dip containers as opposed to mini-jugs was a good choice. It was a lot less messy than it could have been and I could easily control how much I got on the Vaffles and mock chicken.

The Vaffles really stole the show for me. It is a shame that the Mac and Cheese was memorable for all of the wrong reasons. Saying that, I would not be opposed to trying out Absurd Bird's other vegan menu items because they have plenty and I am intrigued.

Take your flock and travel down to an Absurd Bird branch: https://www.absurdbird.com/